A14 maintenance work between junction 33 and junction 44

We are carrying out essential maintenance on the A14 in this area. This will improve the overall condition of the road, make it safer for road users and extend its lifespan.

Start date March 2021
End date Winter 2022

Latest updates

  • 03 August 2022

    Upcoming A14 Closures

    We’ll be carrying out a range of works, on the A14, between junction 33 and junction 44. These works will be undertaken in various phases, running until winter 2022.

    Lanes will be closed during the day at A14 J37 eastbound and westbound so expect some delays.

    A14 eastbound closure junction 35 and junction 39


    Monday 05 September from 9pm to 4am

    Mid September 2022 over 5 nights. Dates will be published once confirmed. 


    A14 Eastbound traffic exit at A14 J35 follow A1303, A1304 and B1506 re-joining A14 at junction 39.
    A11 northbound traffic exit at Six Mile Bottom follow A1304 and B1506 re-joining A14 at junction 38.

    A14 westbound closure junction 39 and junction 35


    Mid September 2022 over 5 nights Dates will be published once confirmed. 


    A14 westbound traffic exit at A14 J39 follow B1506, A142 re-joining A14 at junction 36 or 37.

    A11 southbound traffic exit at A14 J38 follow A1304 re-joining A11 at Six Mile Bottom.

    A14 westbound full closures junction 43 and junction 38


    Monday 1 August to 05 August 2022 from 8pm to 6am


    Westbound traffic will be diverted off the A14 at junction 43, following the A134 to Thetford, then follow the A11 to re-join the A14 at junction 38.

    A14 eastbound full closures and lane closures junction 41 Risby


    Monday 8 August to 23 September 2022 (excluding Sunday nights) from 8pm to 6am


    Eastbound traffic will be diverted off the A14 junction 41 exit slip and return at the junction 41 entry slip

    Traffic at J41 will be reduced to 50mph 24/7 to keep everyone safe so expect some minor delays

    Monday 20 June to November 2022 bridge waterproofing works for 2 bridges on the A14 (Exning and Windmill bridges close to J37) will commence with a phased contraflow in place. One lane will be closed in both directions during this time so expect some delays.

    More full carriageway closures will be required through the duration of this scheme and dates will be advised in due course.

Project information


We are carrying out essential work on the A14 between junction 33 and junction 44. The work includes:

  • Bridge waterproofing
  • Work to keep the bridge safe
  • Replacing barriers
  • Drainage
  • New signs
  • Resurfacing
  • Road studs (cats' eyes)
  • Clearer road lines
  • Bridge waterproofing

The work here is essential and will help extend the lifespan of the road and make journeys safer for motorists.

Laybys will be closed from J35 to J39 when full carriageway closures are in place

Some of this work is already taking place and will continue in various phases until winter 2022. During the road closures we will be carrying out as much work as possible to help prevent the need for further road closures in the near future. We are working to minimise the disruption to motorists and would like to thank everyone for their patience while this essential work takes place.


Benefits for this scheme include:

  • Work on the bridge which will improve its safety, the road surface and its lifespan.
  • Safety barrier upgrade which will improve safety and prevent cars going onto the wrong side of the road.
  • Resurfacing work which will improve the quality and safety of the road surface, as well as refreshing the road white lines and road studs (cats' eyes).
  • New drainage system which will help prevent flooding and so reduce any road closures when during heavy rain.


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