A45 Doddington improvements

Essential repair work to improve the A45 at Doddington to allow for more free flowing traffic and prevent any future disruption on the road

Start date September 2022
End date Winter 2022
Cost TBC

Project information


The work is being carried out to improve the condition of the A45 so road users can have a safer and smoother journey. The scheme aims to: 

  • Repair the embankment where there has been some slippage of the bank, two on the eastbound carriageway and one on the westbound carriageway of the A45 between J11 and A45/A509 roundabout
  • Replace some of the existing drainage system
  • Resurface the carriageway
  • Reinstate road markings and road studs

The A45 was constructed in 1981 and is an all-purpose dual carriageway with no hard shoulders. The A45 runs north eastwards between the M1, south of Northampton and the A14, south of Thrapston. The aim of the project is to support maintaining the network with minimal impact on drivers and the community. The work is required to address current issues on the route and prevent further damage.


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