Autonomous dumper truck

The challenge

Articulated dump trucks  (ADTs) are used for most civil engineering earthworks, transporting excavated soil to fill large areas on construction sites.

Traditionally drivers need supervision to direct them where to tip their loads safely.​

The project

On the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon scheme, we partnered with CA Blackwell to trial an autonomous dumper truck previously trialled in Australia.

We tested the truck in a controlled environment where it was programmed remotely to follow a pre-determined route.

The truck was able to detect and avoid other vehicles and obstacles along the route as it moved.​

It has the potential to work around the clock, helping reduce the length of time roadworks are on the ground. Being autonomous also means less risk of accidents for road workers.

​Road construction has changed massively over the years. Autonomous ADTs could allow us to work more efficiently, speeding up roadworks, and giving more protection to road workers.

Though it may be a while before autonomous dump trucks are in full operation, this  technology is key to modernising UK construction sites.

Autonomous dumper truck
Autonomous vehicles help speed up roadworks and give roadworkers more protection

Innovation theme

Design, construction and maintenance​
Connected and autonomous Vehicle