Seeing things differently


Immersive technologies are changing how we develop the skills of our people and our supply chain partners to carry out their daily jobs. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality allow us to safely carry out training away from our busy road network.

The initiative

We’re introducing scenario-based VR training for our on-road traffic officers. It helps bring to life customer service scenarios that they are likely to experience when out on our network. When officers put on the VR headset, they’ll be immersed in scenarios that have been carefully curated using real customer feedback and the help of specialist advisors in areas such as disability. The training will help to develop their customer service skills, including asking the right questions, empathy, listening and conflict avoidance.

The results  

Our traffic officers are world-class at managing incidents and keeping people safe. This training will highlight the importance of considering circumstances from the perspective of our customers; recognising where people may be anxious or vulnerable and providing the right support to improve their experience.

Seeing things differently
"Being that reassuring presence and helping others in their time of need makes me extremely proud to be a Highways England traffic officer. That feeling of pride and responsibility is there each and every time I put my uniform on. It’s good to know that I can genuinely assist people who have a breakdown or incident on our network. It’s a great feeling when those people shake your hand as they’re about to go on their way; you know that you have kept them safe and they’re genuinely grateful."
Matthew Wheeldon, Highways England Traffic Officer