Pathways for Lower Thames Crossing


We’re one of the biggest builders of new foot, cycle and bridle pathways in the UK. It’s important that our roads are safe and accessible for all. Building new infrastructure and enhancing existing facilities to encourage sustainable, non-motorised forms of transport is an important part of this.

The initiative

For the Lower Thames Crossing alone, our plans include almost 3km of pathways for every 1km of new road. That’s over 60km of new or improved pathways for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, delivered across Kent, Thurrock, Brentwood and Havering. The pathways are designed to encourage active travel and promote health and wellbeing across the region.

Included will be new bridges and paths that connect to upgraded and extended routes. This will give the local community and visitors safer and easier and ways of travelling between the area’s parks and woodlands, heritage sites, and employment centres.

The results  

The Lower Thames Crossing will be an essential part of the UK’s low-carbon transport network. It will almost double road capacity across the Thames east of London, and boost the economy by offering new connections, better journeys and fewer delays. Get more information on the proposed Lower Thames Crossing scheme.

Our plans for the Lower Thames crossing include:

  • Seven green bridges providing safe and easy crossings for people and wildlife
  • Two new footbridges over the A127 and one over the M25
  • A network of bridleways for uninterrupted routes between woodlands
  • A new cycle route south of the A2, from Park Pale to Hares bridge
  • Improved foot and cycle paths for commuters