Leaving a positive legacy


We’re passionate about leaving a positive legacy through initiatives which create benefits for local communities. In the West Midlands, we delivered 18 improvement projects during 2020 – small changes which are making a big difference.

The initiative  

All 18 projects were suggested by members of the public. They ranged in size from erecting fencing on the A46 at Salford Priors, to redesigning the A483 Maesbury Road junction in Oswestry, Shropshire.

HGVs joining the A483 at the junction often mounted the footpath when turning. As well as damaging the pavement, a bollard and signpost had also been hit. And the time taken to navigate the junction caused congestion.

The results   

We’ve now altered the junction with new road markings and kerbing laid out to make it easier for HGVs to negotiate. Since the changes, there hasn’t been any damage and traffic is moving more smoothly through the junction. Other projects in the pipeline for the West Midlands this year include installing safety barriers, an anti-fly tipping project and landscaping.

Leaving a positive legacy

Across the country in 2020, we delivered:

  • 6 projects which have reduced noise experienced by 2,111 households close to our network
  • 34 projects to better integrate our network with other transport modes
  • 77 projects to improve routes for walkers, cyclists and horse riders

We also reduced the chance of flooding at four flooding hotspots.