A better network for all


Our research and feedback, combined with insight from others, helps us to understand how our services and roads may need to evolve to deliver for all our customers. Whether relying on our network for work journeys, visits to friends and family or the movement of goods and services, we want to make sure our customers’ needs are being met for better, safer journeys.

The initiative

Together with independent watchdog Transport Focus, we’re developing new surveys to capture feedback from a diverse range of our customers. With logistics and coach businesses being one of the biggest users of our network, we’ve started with a survey that captures the views of over 1000 freight and coach vehicle managers.

The survey focuses on how well we’re delivering for these businesses. It helps us better understand how satisfied they are with our work; from providing journey planning services to clearing up after accidents and the quality of the road surface.


Understanding how our customers think and feel about the services we provide helps us focus our improvements on the things that matter most to them. We’re now working with Transport Focus to develop further surveys tailored to specific customer groups, including walkers, cyclists and horse riders. We’ll use these surveys to measure our success in meeting the needs of all road users.

A better network for all
"Logistics and coach businesses rack up huge mileages on motorways and major A-roads, so it’s important that Highways England knows what they think. The Logistics and Coach Survey gives a clear view of what these businesses think they do well and where they need to improve. We’ll work with Highways England to ensure it uses this feedback to bring about positive changes for these businesses."
Anthony Smith, Chief Executive, Transport Focus